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User guide

About Sheng Loan Website

Sheng Loan Website is a new online lending service platform owned by Shenglian (Xiamen) Asset Management Co., Ltd, it’s Committed to provide safe, transparent and profitable projects to lenders. The projects on the platform are mainly recommended by financial institutions such as strong banks, trusts, insurance companies, guarantee companies, etc., and are generally full-time principal and interest guarantees are carried out by state-owned large guarantee companies or large state-owned enterprises.

Sheng Loan Website has a group of highly experienced and innovative professionals. Senior consultants and management team members are composed of a group of senior professionals such as senior banks, trusts, asset management, internet finance and academic experts from national key institutions, they have rich experience in the financial field and Internet industry, and are familiar with international first-class financial models and technologies.

At present, the main risks of P2P platforms are as follows: Sheng Loan Website has designed its own risk control scheme for five major risks, including the moral risk of the financiers, the credit risk of the project itself, the policy risk, the ethical risk of the platform itself and the technical risk. First of all, the security measures recommended by financial institutions are strictly checked and the borrower information is verified on the spot to prevent the ethical risk of the financier; Introduce large state-owned guarantee companies or large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises to guarantee projects to prevent credit risks of the project itself; Eliminate policy risks through strict compliance with the regulations of the central bank and the China Banking Regulatory Commission and through risk warnings and legal compliance operations; We will also introduce world-renowned accounting firms for auditing and cross-disciplinary management of three departments to prevent ethical risk of the platform itself. The platform system is completely self-developed and designed with reference to the relevant technical specifications of banks and payment systems. At the same time, regular protection measures are taken to ensure the safe operation of the platform and prevent technical risks.

Providing efficient, transparent and secure financial services to our customers is our permanent purpose, "The ever-changing world, the unchanging commitment" is our eternal business philosophy!

How to lend money
1. Register

1) please enter your phone number

2) please enter the correct verification code

3) set username

4) set log in password

5) please enter the referral code

2. log in

3. account security authentication

1) enter the page “my account –> security center”

2) Identity verification

3) bind mobile phone number confirmation (keep consistent with the mobile phone number registered in the bank)

4) Set the payment password (if not set, your login password is your payment password by default)

4. Link the bank card to top up

1) Enter the page “Me –> my bank card ”

2) Click on "Bank Card to top up –>Icon +"

3) Select your bank and fill in the correct bank account and phone number

4) fill in the correct verification code and click on submit

5. Link the bank card to withdraw money from

1) enter the page "Me –>My Bank Card"

2) go to the page "bank card to withdraw money from –> Icon +"

3) Select the bank to which you belong and fill in the correct bank card number, account opening city and bank

4) Fill in the correct verification code and click submit

6. Mobile phone fast top up

1) Enter the page "Me–>top up"

2) Select top up bank card

3) Enter the amount to top up

4) Fill in the correct verification code

5) Click to “top up immediately”

7. Lending

1) Enter the page "Lending"

2) Select pre-lending items

3) Enter the loan amount

4) Fill in the correct verification code and click submit

5) Enter the referral code

6) Click to confirm the loan

7) Fill in the correct verification code and payment password

8. Withdrawal

1) Enter the page "Me–>withdraw"

2) Select the bank card to withdraw money from

3) Enter the amount

4) Click to withdraw immediately

5) Fill in the correct payment password

Commission charges description
According to the agreement between Sheng Loan Website and the third-party payment platform "pioneer payment", here are the charges:

Top up: (1) online bank recharge 0.23% (2) quick payment 0.25%

Withdrawal: 2 RMB/ important sum

The payments are made by the platform of Sheng Loan Website and the customers of the platform are free of any charge for recharge and withdrawal on the platform.