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Legal statements

Sheng Loan Website provides services to you in accordance with this statement. Please read the terms of service and legal statement carefully before using the Website. The only way for you to become a user of these services is to you fully agree to all the terms of service and complete the registration process. By clicking on the "I have read and agree to the disclaimer" button during the registration process, it means you have reached an agreement with Sheng Loan Website and fully accept the terms of service. In case you do not agree with the terms of service or the modifications made by Sheng Loan Website, you can cancel your registration to the services provided by Sheng Loan Website. Once you use the services of Sheng Loan Website, you will be deemed to have understood and fully agreed to the terms of service, including any modifications to the terms of service made by Sheng Loan Website at any time. Unless otherwise specified, any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon their publication on Sheng Loan Website.

Users should abide by the following statements, otherwise, Sheng Loan Website has the right to investigate, prevent breaches, and assist the judiciary authorities by submitting acts of sabotage to legal proceedings or arbitration. When those acts result in losses of Sheng Loan Website, it has the right to claim compensation.

I.Exceptions of the explicit declaration of intellectual property rights; 1. All rights and interests (including but not limited to copyright) relating to the content of this site belong to Sheng Loan Website. Users are not granted any right, interest or benefit. 2. All rights and interests relating third-party content (including but not limited to copyright) are owned by third-party authorizers. Users are not granted any rights, interests or benefits. 3. The information displayed on Sheng Loan Website must not be used for any commercial purpose, whether or not it is explicitly stated in the information, all such information shall be protected by the copyright law and relevant intellectual property law, administrative regulations, rules and regulatory documents. Netizens or users shall not distribute, modify, intersperse, reuse, retransmit or use the website content for any public commercial purposes without the explicit written consent of Sheng Loan Website or the respective copyright owners.

II.The service content; Sheng Loan Website provides its specific service contents on the base of the actual conditions. Sheng Loan Website has the final interpretation right for those services. 1. Sheng Loan Website reserves the rights to adjust the types and forms of services provided by its platform at any time, according to the actual situation. Sheng Loan Website does not undertake the loss caused to users due to business adjustment. Sheng Loan Website reserves the rights to change, interrupt or terminate some network services.2.Each relevant network services provided by Sheng Loan Website to its users, including associated equipments (e.g. personal computers and other devices connected to the internet or mobile network) and the fees required (e.g. telephone and internet costs paid for access to internet) are all at the user’s expense.

III.Third-party website, the links from Sheng Loan Website to third-party website is only provided to users as a convenient service. Sheng Loan Website does not control or isn’t responsible for any third-party websites or their content. If a user decides to visit any third-party website linked to Sheng Loan Website, he/she will undertake the potential consequences and risks.

IV.Registration Information and Privacy Protection 1. When users register to Sheng Loan Website, they must provide real personal information and unceasingly keep them up-to-date. Sheng Loan Website does not assume any responsibility for problems and consequences due to unauthentic registration information. In the event that Sheng Loan Website workers discover that a user's registration information are false, inaccurate or incomplete, they may, at their sole discretion, terminate the user's account. 2. Upon successful registration, Sheng Loan Website will provide the user with a user account number and corresponding password, which will be kept by the user himself/herself; Users should be legally responsible for all activities and events carried out with their user accounts. 3. Due to hacking, computer viruses or personal negligence, resulting in the fact that your account number and password have been illegally used by others, stolen, tampered or lost, the key principles of Sheng Loan Website are to fully protect users' personal data security through means of technology providing privacy protection services and strengthening internal management. 5. Users shouldn’t create an account or operate on it through automation. Otherwise, Sheng Loan Website may, at its discretion, terminate the user's account. 6. Sheng Loan Website ensures not to disclose or reveal to the third-party any personal information and the private content stored by users when using the service, except in the following cases: (1) obtain in advance the explicit authorization of the user; (2) in accordance with the requirements of the relevant judiciary or government authorities; (3) In case disclosing your personal information will help to provide the products and services that you require; (4) to protect or safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Sheng Loan Website; (5) to maintain public interest; (6) in compliance with other legal requirements; (7) in case of legal disputes and consequences due to other websites (linked to our platform) responsible of the user data disclosure.7. Sheng Loan Website reserves the rights to close accounts that have not been logged in for 12 months.

V.Usage Guideline 1. No illegal, threatening, defamatory, derogatory, retaliation, blasphemous or any other legally prohibited information should be posted or transmitted, including but not limited to the dissemination of any inflammatory, criminal propaganda, or breach of civic obligations or any other violation of national laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, local regulations, international laws, practices or conventions.2. Do not post or disseminate any personal information about others, post or disseminate any content that is viral, derogatory or damaging.3. Do not post or disseminate any data, graphics or programs that may infringe the property rights of others, including the illegal use of unregistered copyright texts, graphics or programs, trade secrets and other confidential information, trademarks, service marks, etc. 4. It is not allowed to interfere in any way with other users of Sheng Loan Website. The company has the right to delete such information at any time without obtaining the consent of the submitter in advance, and is not obliged to notify the submitter afterwards, and reserves the right to pursue its corresponding legal liability.

VI.Disclaimer 1.The company does not state or guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information published by the platform. The company does not assume responsibility of quality assurance for any products, information or services purchased or obtained by users through advertisements, information or offers related to the services of Sheng Loan Website.2. The opinions expressed or implied in the relevant articles or documents reproduced by Sheng Loan Website do not represent its own opinions. 3. Sheng Loan Website does not provide the following guarantees to users: including but not limited to not guaranteeing that the service will meet the user's requirements or will not be interrupted. Moreover, the timeliness, security and accuracy of the service are not guaranteed. Sheng Loan Website is not responsible for any network service interruptions or other defects caused by force majeure or external forces. Except as explicitly stipulated in the terms of service. 4. The Internet being an open platform where users upload personal information, which could be copied, reproduced or used for other illegal purposes by other organizations or individuals. Users must be fully aware of the existence of such risks. Users must explicitly agree that the risks associated with using Sheng Loan Website will be entirely their own responsibility. That is to say, all the consequences arising from using Sheng Loan Website services are also borne by users, and the platform does not assume any responsibility. 5. Users explicitly agree that the risks and consequences arising from using Sheng Loan Website are at their own risk. 6. Sheng Loan Website is not liable for any moral violation, illegal contents/acts threatening users or the infringement of any user's rights (including but not limited to intellectual property rights); besides, Sheng Loan Website is not liable for the services provided by any third-party through Sheng Loan Website. 7. For issues not covered by this statement, please refer to relevant national laws, regulations, rules and other regulatory documents. National laws and administrative regulations will prevail, in the event that these listed legal statements conflict with national laws, administrative regulations, rules or normative documents.

VII.Service Change, interruption or termination 1 If the system maintenance or upgrade needs to suspend the network services or adjustment of services functions, Sheng Loan Website platform will make relevant announcement on the website as much as possible. Sheng Loan Website does not assume any responsibility for the loss caused by the user's failure to timely take note of the information.2. User agree that Sheng Loan Website may, at its sole discretion, change the content of the services provided, that Sheng Loan Website may, at its sole discretion, authorize the third party to provide services originally provided by Sheng Loan Website platform, without any liability arising from the change of services.3. If any of the following circumstances occurs, Sheng Loan Website has the rights to unilaterally interrupt or stop providing services to users without notice or no need to assume any liability to users or third-party: (1) the personal information provided by users are untrue; (2) users violate the terms of service; (3) the platform is used for commercial purposes without the consent of Sheng Loan Website; 4. Users, according to their needs, may at anytime notify Sheng Loan Website to terminate the services. After services interruption, users' rights to the platform end as well and Sheng Loan Website no longer assumes any responsibility to them.

VIII.Improvement and revision of the terms of service 1. Sheng Loan Website has the rights to timely and continually improve and revise its the terms of service, in accordance with the development of Internet and the changes of the national laws and administrative regulations of the People's Republic of China. 2. Sheng Loan Website reserves the rights to revise the terms of service at any time. When using Sheng Loan Website services, it is necessary to carefully read and reconfirm the latest Sheng Loan Website terms of service. In the event of a dispute, please refer to the latest terms of service.

IX.Special agreement 1. If users use the platform services to violate national laws and regulations or infringe the legal rights of any third party, the company has the right to directly delete the information in violation of the regulations, and may suspend or terminate the service to those users. 2. If users use the platform services to commit any illegal, criminal or infringing act, users shall assume the full responsibility for any loss caused to Sheng Loan Website or any third-party. They shall be responsible for the full compensation, and do their best to protect Sheng Loan Website platform from any damage. 3. All notifications or notices can be sent to users on platform important pages via announcements, emails, or regular letters. 4. The validity, interpretation and enforcement of these terms of service shall be governed by law of the People's Republic of China, administrative regulations, rules and normative documents, etc. 5. In the event of any dispute between the parties due to the content of these agreements or its implementation, the parties shall try their best to settle the dispute through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, either party may file a lawsuit in the People's Court of the area where Sheng Loan Website is located. 6. The headings in these terms of service are for convenience only and should be ignored when interpreting these terms of service. The final interpretation of this term of service is reserved to Sheng Loan Website.