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Status of registration and registration information in local financial regulatory department

Financial supervision departmentXiamen Financial Work Office

Archiving time

Filing registration

Our company strictly follows the policies and regulations issued by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Internet Information Office, and the Xiamen Financial Office. The company has updated the website “About us” section according to the latest "Guidelines for information disclosure of business activities of online lending information intermediaries ". Our company has submitted an application for registration and registration to the Xiamen Financial Office. At present, we are actively cooperating with the Xiamen Financial Office to gradually implement the platform rectification work.

Business license information

Since the application for the telecommunications business license requires the approval of the local financial office as a precondition. After the official registration with the financial office is done, the company can apply to the telecommunications department for the telecommunications business license. Moreover, to ensure the security of the network communication, the online loan information intermediary platform needs to have two network communication security administrators. At present, our company has arranged technical personnel who meet the entry requirements to participate in the training of network communication security administrators organized by the Fujian Provincial Communications Administration, and they have already passed the examination to obtain the corresponding qualification certificate.

Fund deposit information

In April 2018, our company has reviewed and approved the documents required by Xiamen rural commercial bank for the submission of fund deposit and management cooperation and passed the audit. However, the relevant requirements of the documents issued by the head office shall be subject to the completion of the registration of the follow-up services.

Information system security level protection registration

Our company signed the system-level protection and security service agreement in August 2018. At present, we have completed the system protection and rectification work according to relevant requirements, and applied to the evaluation center for acceptance and approval. After passing the evaluation, we will obtain the "national information security level protection three-level certification."

Obtained website record icon and numbering issued by the public security section


Risk management information

Major risks and control measures

Our company's risk and control measures mainly include risk control organization system, risk control measures, risk monitoring and responsibility investigation. Among them, the borrower is mainly responsible for the project's authenticity and consistency, reputation and borrowing purpose, repayment source and safeguard measures. Transaction security is based on technical security risk protection. The risk control organization system is based on the pre-lending management system, post-loan management system and regulations, risk control responsibilities, major issues and emergency measures.

I.the main risks and control measures are as follows:

1.Borrower and loan project authenticity risk. Through the on-site investigation of the marketing department, we conduct due diligence, department’s head reviews project, the risk control department inquires about the borrower's on-site visit, implements a special review of due diligence, reports to the general manager and convene a credit approval committee resolution.

2.Risk of contractual authenticity and consistency Examined by the marketing department, the borrower or guarantor (if any) signs the relevant contract and keeps the testifying photos for archiving. The Administration Department reviews and archives the complete consistency of the loan project materials.

3.Financial and capital management risks Establish an independent financial accounting system, formulate a financial management system, and deploy full-time financial accounting personnel to do accounting for borrowers, lenders, and loan projects.

4.Platform technology security risks A specialist has responsibility for the system’s security; that includes server security, platform system security, data security and security, and fund transaction security. Alibaba Cloud Server and Meiya Baike Electronic Depository are used.

5.Major events and forewarning risks Establish a reporting and emergency response mechanism for major events, prevent and deal with major events such as customer management services, public opinion monitoring and platform system security, arrange relevant personnel to be on standby for 24 hours, and report to the competent department in a timely manner.

II.Loan project management

1.For projects that are to be repaid within 10 days, the system will send internal emails to notify relevant departments, and the marketing department commissioner will remind the borrower to repay by phone call, SMS or WeChat.

2. For projects that are to be repaid within 3 days, the marketing department will notify the borrower by telephone, SMS, WeChat, etc., if necessary, to confirm with the borrower face to face.

In case of overdue accounts, the Marketing Department handling specialist and the risk control department handling staff carry out the collection work through the use of but not limited to telephone, text message, mail, WeChat, postal "overdue loan reminder letter", "overdue loan assistance reminder letter", "overdue loan lawyer reminder letter", etc.The borrower will be informed of his/her repayment obligations and responsibilities, and of the fact that he/she should write a statement of intent to pay for the "overdue loan collection records". According to the case, the company will take the corresponding legal approach to solve the situation.